Understanding Through Expression

Creativity lets us express ourselves and connect with those around us. It helps us communicate what’s important to us and how we feel, and it gives us a way to share that feeling with others. Indigo Hippo works with a variety of different community partners to make sure that opportunity to create and collaborate is available to everyone. Some of our community partners: Cincinnati Art Museum, Camp Joy, MORTAR Cincinnati, Santa Maria Community Services, Community Matters, and more.

What We Offer

We provide training and mentoring to individuals, artists, teachers, non-profit professionals, and community/civic groups with the Indigo Hippo Creative Arts Model.  

Our training model covers program planning, curriculum development, an introduction to creative reuse of materials in art-making, fostering personal and community growth, designing healthy teaching spaces, and more.

Additionally, we offer monthly in-store programming to provide opportunities for the community to engage with creative reuse art-making in our storefront at 1334 Main Street in Over-the-Rhine.

The Hippo Method

Want to take the elements of our programming and apply it to your own community? Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Indigo Hippo pod training, beginning in January 2018. We’ll provide the tools and methods necessary to create a model that works for you.

Current Partners

Camp Joy: We developed and facilitated Camp Joy’s summer creative arts programming for underserved youth and their families. Campers demonstrated and reported back an increased ability to interact with their social and emotional experiences through art. Indigo Hippo is currently planning and implementing year round programming with Camp Joy’s Fostering Success program. Indigo Hippo is providing the majority of the creative materials used for all programs.

MORTAR Cincinnati: We partnered with MORTAR to develop and creatively incorporate social and emotional growth curriculum into their programming for under resourced entrepreneurs. By adding a layer of personal growth to hard business skills, we strengthened confidence and perseverance in all of the students. Indigo Hippo is facilitating two MORTAR Indigo classes annually.

Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired: After providing support for their creative arts camp this summer, we are collaborating on the curriculum development and instruction of a fall ceramics course. Visually impaired individuals often have difficulty demonstrating their identity to others, this course supports students in understanding and expressing themselves in and through their art. These discussions and discoveries are grounded in pottery lessons, and will culminate in a gallery show at our storefront.